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People Behind the CBDM Lab

Please note: At least one of the facts stated below is true. Others may or may not be...

I’m a bhangra and stand-up comedy enthusiast(usually not simultaneously.

Ike is my Super Smash Bros character of choice.

I play the euphonium.

Artwork I like

Kaitavjeet Chowdhary

I read nutrition facts of any food before I eat them.

I don't want to sleep when it is time to go to bed.

A song I like: "See you again"

Yuan Fang

I have featured in a TV ad.

I speak five languages.

I was in a dancing hip hop crew.

Artwork I enjoy

Silvia Galvan-Pena

I'm a die-hard Liverpool fan since age 4. It should be understood that Man United, Chelsea and especially Real Madrid fans should err on the side of caution around me.
I was part of a theater team for 15 years and once won a playwright award.
I had lunch with Angela Merkel at the German Chancellery.
I can write and speak Egyptian hieroglyphs.
A piece of art that I like: Give me the flute and sing (Song by Fairuz, lyrics by Kahlil Gibran)

Bola Hanna

I have 6 kids.

I have a BA in psychology.

I have been living in the US longer than I’ve lived in Japan.

Kimie Hattori

I love podcasts so much that I even hosted one.

I once qualified for the Boston Marathon but was too ill to compete.

I tried a hot sauce rated 3,000,000 scoville...for breakfast.

Teshika Jayewickreme

For fun, I jumped out of an airplane three times.

I attended a mit-mit on Yap, known for its stone money, large doughnut-shaped, carved disks of calcite, up to 12ft used as legal tender.

I performed as part of a choral group at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville when I was 10 years old.

Art I like: Hudson River School painting, Kindred Spirits by Asher Brown Durand

Irene Kolada

Never bought sugar
Co-founded a community chorus.
I love beer.

I might have been in a NY state of mind, but after passing through my kind of town all I can say is, “Well I love that dirty water / Oh, Boston, you're my home”

Larry Kozinn

From the American South.

A former classical musician.

An avid bird watcher.

He loves the vivid depictions of the molecular world rendered by David Goodsell.

Kent Lansgton

I communicate with friends via transatlantic bottled messages.

I used to danse the Lindy Hop.

I create Miro-style animated doodles (and it's addictive...)

Catherine Laplace

I can eat 20 salmon sushi in one sitting.

I’m allergic to mangos.

I watch Shrek at least once a year, every year.

A song I like

Juliana Lee

I was born in a bubble.

Kidney is my favorite dish.

As the granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau, I never go out without my beret and my baguette in hand.

I like: "Blue Nude", Picasso


Juliette Leon

I have a fraternal twin brother.

I have met Sir David Attenborough.

I spent a summer as an opossum trainer.

Ian Magill

I had to learn to sing a song about my home state in elementary school.

I have won an eating contest.

I like to wear hats.

Favorite song: The Sound of Silence

Alexander Mann

Obama follows me on Twitter.

My hometown replaced all its streetlights with roundabouts.
I have the most helpful review of Cheerios on Amazon.com.

An art piece I like: El Aleph -- Jorge Luis Borges

Daniel Michelson

I have hunted with falcons in the past.

I bought a 90 gallons fish tank by mistake and I had to carefully distribute the weight to avoid breaking the floor of the apartment.

I'm terrified of dancing.

A piece of art that I like

Miguel Marin Rodero

I was born and raised in Mexico City.

I am allergic to cats.

I am left-handed.

Favorite song: Simple Twist of Fate by Bob Dylan

Andres Munoz-Rojas

I have nine dwarf cherry shrimps as my pet in my aquarium and I usually become upset when my friends tease me about eating them.

I do Harry Potter series marathon once a year.

My surname is Nepal, and I am from Nepal.

Here is a song that I like.

Sunita Nepal

My daughter became a CEO before the age of 1

I've brewed over 2000 beers

I speak fluent Cantonese

Here is my favorite ancient structure I've visited: Palenque, Mexico

David Owen

Sometimes I feel homesick and just hear this song.

This is my first year in CBDM lab.

I love working with mice.

Adriana Ortiz-Lopez

I was a collegiate-level Spikeball player.

I believe the Patriots can succeed, even without Tom Brady.

My chess ELO is 2000.

One day I’ll play a full game on it.

Niket Patel

I can speak 5 languages.

My favorite pastime is going to gym.

I eat a pint of ice-cream every night.

"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift"- Albert Einstein Pictured: Pangong Tso, Indo-China Border.

Deepshika Ramanan

I love camping and mountain biking.

My family owns the best pastry shop in Naples.

I am a professional guitar player.

Favorite song: "Across the Universe", The Beatles

Martina Sassone Corsi

I play both Indian and Western violin.

I have accidentally climbed a mountain (as in, kept walking without realizing I was climbing a mountain).

I am a decent calligrapher and have done calligraphy for multiple friends’ wedding invitations.

Artwork I like: Simon Beck, mathematical snow art

Brinda Vijaykumar

I was a muscle guy but like fat more.

I really like delicious food without perfect cooking skills.

I love hiking and music but lack strong body and nice voice.

A song

Gang Wang

I like extreme sports, such as bungee jumping.

I love cooking and have perfect cooking skills.

I learned Kung Fu when I was a kid.

A song I like :“Dead and gone”

Yutao Wang

I once bumped into the UN secretary general randomly in the street.

I can solve a rubics cube in 8 seconds.

Favorite song

Tianli Xiao

I am a big fan of pizza, especially because my family owns a small pizzeria business.
I was on Barcelona’s youth soccer team but eventually decided to pursue science and medicine instead of soccer.
I use to have an afro when I was younger.

A book that inspires me

Omar Yaghi

I love NE Patriots and Houston Rockets.

I’ve once read 100 books in one year.

One of my favorite food is donkey meat.

Favorite painting: The Scream,1893, by Edvard Munch

Liang Yang

I am into ant keeping and have had a number of ant colonies.

I am a collector of ancient coins,

In my spare time I paraglide, and have done so all over the world.

I love looking at ancient structures as art and wondering about the people of the time who built them

Nathan Zammit

I love hiking, and I climbed Mount Everest.

I am afraid of snakes.

I love painting, and draw pictures everyday

my favorite song

Yangyang Zhu


Our Resources


The ImmGen website displays the results of gene expression expression across the immune system. It reports basic expression patterns, and meta-analyses (co-expression networks and clusters, signatures).


Bioinformatic tools

A collection of programs and modules developed in this lab by Scott Davis in either R, Java or MATLAB for the analysis of microarray gene expression.
They are all designed to work with the same input file format: a GenePattern Expression Dataset (*.gct). All of these programs can be installed as GenePattern modules, though some of them can also be run as stand-alone Java applications. They include : ExpressCluster, Population PCA, GCT Extractor, ExpressMatrix, δ-Score, ExtractProbes, ClassMeans.

PubMed batch search


retrieves a list of publications within the PubMed database using gene symbols.

Mouse models

The laboratory carries and distributes a number of transgenic/KO mouse lines of relevance to Type-1 Diabetes research.


Online database of various protocols and "how to" pages (CBDM lab internal usage).

RNA-seq Database


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